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Sisseton Wahpeton College is committed to a policy of non-discrimination and equal educational opportunity in providing services to students, and in regard to staff and faculty employment without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, or national origin.

It is the policy of the Sisseton Wahpeton College to create and maintain a work and study environment that is free from the unlawful manufacture, distribution, possession, or use of controlled substances.

Sisseton Wahpeton College, by virtue of its commitment to the values of the Dakota tradition and culture, dignity, equality, and mutual respect for all people, deplores and condemns any form of sexual harassment on its campus or at any location where academic or extra-curricular activity may occur. It is the policy of Sisseton Wahpeton College that sexual harassment is illegal, unacceptable, and shall not be tolerated. No employee or student may sexually harass another. Any employee or student will be subject to disciplinary action, including possible termination/expulsion, for violation of this policy.

Sisseton Wahpeton College Employment Opportunities

Below is a list of SWC’s current employment opportunities.

Assistant Librarian Trainee – OPEN UNTIL FILLED

Assistant Librarian Trainee

As the Assistant Librarian Trainee, this position will learn the duties and responsibilities as well as the activities of the Sisseton Wahpeton College Library. Incumbent develops knowledge and skills in the principles, practices, objectives and techniques of library science, reads text books, book reviews, library magazines, manuals, departmental regulations and related materials. Incumbent interacts directly with Library users. LEARN MORE

Custodian/Dormitory – (Part-time) OPEN UNTIL FILLED

Custodian/Dormitory (Part-time)

Provides janitorial and minor maintenance duties to ensure a safe, clean, and comfortable environment at the SWC dormitory. This position is hands-on with minimal supervision. LEARN MORE

Security/Custodian – (Part-time) OPEN UNTIL FILLED

Security/Custodian (Part-time)

Provides security duties which include performing patrols of the college campus to monitor behavior, secure buildings and property, watches for and reports irregularities, and performs other miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned. This position will also assist with janitorial and/or maintenance duties to ensure a safe, clean, comfortable, and secure environment. LEARN MORE

Carpentry Instructor – OPEN UNTIL FILLED

Carpentry Instructor

The carpentry instructor will assume responsibility for the delivery of quality education that will ensure that maximum learning can take place and help students learn the subject matter and skills that will contribute to their understanding of carpentry. LEARN MORE

Statistician and Behavioral Science Instructor – OPEEN UNTIL FILLED

The primary duties and responsibilities of this position include institutional research, supporting academic research activities, and teaching courses for the Behavioral Science programs. This position will support the development and implementation of all aspects of the National Science Foundation’s ICE-TI and related award(s) at the Sisseton Wahpeton College.  LEARN MORE

Behavioral Science Instructor – OPEN UNTIL FILLED

All faculty members perform instruction-related duties and responsibilities in accordance with the mission statement and policies, and procedures of the College.  A successful candidate for this position will be responsible for developing and instructing assigned courses in the behavioral science program and advising students. Develops and follows class syllabi. Develops and evaluates the effectiveness of class presentations. LEARN MORE

Science Instructor – OPEN UNTIL FILLED


As a faculty member, this position will perform instruction-related duties and responsibilities in accordance with the mission statement and policies and procedures of the College.  The candidate will be responsible for instructing assigned science courses, advising students, developing and following class syllabi, and developing and evaluating the effectiveness of class presentations. LEARN MORE

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Employee Handbook

This Employee Handbook is designated to acquaint you with Sisseton Wahpeton College (SWC) and provide you a reference for answering most questions relating to your employment.

The contents are only a summary of the various benefits, policies, procedures and guidelines that apply to your employment. Employee questions concerning this Handbook will be answered by your supervisor or the Human Resource Office. You should also consult written supplemental policies and procedures that have been implemented to fulfill the requirements of this Handbook, along with any individually adopted department policies that are available through the Human Resources Office or your department manager. New policies and procedures will be posted or made available through individual distribution. Supervisors are responsible for keeping their employees informed of changes in policies and procedures. Employees if you wish to view and download the SWC employee handbook go to the SWCollege portal menu link and login.

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