Student Activities & Organizations

The Student Senate

The Student Senate is an organization of students established to give the student body a voice to express their concerns and opinions to SWC’s Administration and Board of Trustees. The Student Senate President participates in the SWC Board of Trustees meetings. The Student Senate also organizes social and cultural activities in which the student body and the public participate.


The annual American Indian Higher Education Consortium Conference is held every year in the spring. Students are selected to compete in a variety of events. These events include competitions in business, speech, science, art, web site competition, knowledge bowl, critical inquiry, Mr. & Ms. AIHEC, bowling tournament, pool tournament, hand games, along with many other activities

“This program brought me closer to my culture and helped propel me into a 4 year program in Cultural Anthropology”
Angvariationu Toke, 2018 Alumni

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