Culinary Food Science

The Culinary Food Science Program (or CFS), will introduce the students to the basic skills, and
responsibilities necessary to work in the Food Industry. The curriculum provides the post-secondary student, opportunities to explore career choices within the culinary field. Upon satisfactory completion of the certificate program the student will be employment ready. To summarize, the Culinary Food Science Program is designed to provide students the entry-level competencies needed to proceed and succeed in their choice of employment within the Food & Hospitality Industry.

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Program Outcomes

Adhere to a respectful relationship with team mates, staff, and community members.
Develop team work skills.
Develop and apply Ethical and Professional skills
Development Time Management skills.
Develop a positive work culture
Incorporate Sanitation (Food Safety) and environmental safety when performing in the kitchen.
Produce a quality food product with confidence and pride.
To work quickly and urgently without compromising the quality of food product or the safety of others or oneself.

Course Requirements

Degree: Certificate Program

Credit Hours Required: 36

    Required Technical Courses 32
    CFS 101 Introduction to Culinary Food Science – 5 credits

    CFS 102 Purchasing and Cost Control – 7 credits

    CFS 103 Culinary Techniques – 2 credits

    CFS 106 Baking and Pastry 1 – 2 credits

    CFS 201 Advanced A La Carte Kitchen-Retail – 5 credits

    CFS 206 Baking and Pastry II – 3 credits

    CFS 208 CPR, OSHA, Safety Regulations, & Food Safety – 1 credits

    CFS 209 Kitchen Management, Professional Development, & Ethics – 5 credits

    CFS 210 CFS Externship – 2 credits

    General Education Requirements 4 Credits
    DKT 120 Introduction to Dakota Studies – 3 credits

    DKT 130 Dakota History – 3 credits

    DKT 140 Dakota Culture – 3 credits

    GEN 270 Capstone Course – 1 credits

Tuition & Fees

Course Catalog

The course catalog provides course schedule and detailed descriptions.

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