Dakota Studies

The Dakota Studies Program is designed to prepare students for entrance into the local workforce or to
transfer to a four-year institution. In this program, students acquire an interdisciplinary understanding of the
culture, language, history, arts, and contemporary situations of Dakota people.

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Program Outcomes

Acquisition of an interdisciplinary understanding of the culture, language, history, and arts of the Dakota Oyate.

Identify and address the development and continuation of issues impacting Dakota communities through analysis and study of contemporary and historical events.

Acquisition of basic competency in the Dakota Language.

Demonstrates critical thought and analysis about the experiences of Dakota people.

Demonstrates effective written and verbal communication skills about the experiences of Dakota people

Course Requirements

Degree: Associate of Arts (AA)

Credit Hours Required: 62

    Required Professional Courses 12 Credits
    DKT 130 Dakota History – 3 credits

    DKT 140 Dakota Culture – 3 credits

    DKT 160 Dakota Oral Traditions – 3 credits

    DKT 250 Introduction to Tribal Government – 3 credits

    General Education Requirements 42 Credits
    English/Communications – 6 credits

    Math/Science – One Math course & One Science course – 7 credits

    Humanities (Must be DKT 113) – 4 credits

    Social Sciences – 6 credits

    Dakota Studies – 6 credits

    Computer Science – 3 credits

    General Education – 4 credits

    General Education Electives – 6 credits

    Degree Requirements 62 Credits
    Professional Requirements – 12 credits

    Professional Electives – 9 credits

    General Education Requirements – 41 credits

Tuition & Fees

Students that come into the program prepared to take 100 level classes, can complete the program in two years (4 semesters) and one summer if taking 13-16 credits each semester.

Cost to complete the program within normal time (based on 13-16 credits per semester for five semesters)

Tuition – $7,750

Registration Fee – $250

Lab Fee $50 (per lab class) – $150

Library Usage/Email Account Fee – $150

Building Usage Fee – $125

Technical Fee – $450

Books and Supplies (estimate) – $3,000

Graduation Fee – $40

Activity Fee – $150

Total – $12,065

Course Catalog

The course catalog provides course schedule and detailed descriptions.

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