¨ To receive a quality education;

¨ To use the college facilities and receive the benefits of college sponsored activities;

¨ To participate in the governance of the college;

¨ To see his/her academic record as provided by the Privacy Act;

¨ To have transcripts sent upon request (providing all accounts have been paid in full);

¨ To make a copy of semester grade reports in the event that an official transcript cannot be released because of an outstanding account;

¨ To be informed of inadequacies in performance and the consequence thereof;

¨ To be informed of his/her rights and disciplinary procedures;

¨ To have recourse to a grievance process;

¨ To exercise individual freedom within the framework of the

       regulations, goals, and philosophy of SWC.



¨ To derive the greatest good from his/her college experience in the academic field and co-curricular activities;

¨ To abide by the policies and regulations of the college;

¨ To treat college equipment and facilities in a responsible


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