Weapons Policy

The unauthorized possession or use of weapons on Sisseton Wahpeton College owned or controlled property is prohibited without the (written) permission of the President and/or the Executive Committee.  Weapons include, but are not limited to, firearms, air rifles or pistols, hunting or fighting knives, martial arts weapons, bows or crossbows, arrows or bolts, and swords.  This policy also includes non-functional replicas fashioned with metal or wood, paintball or stun guns, metal tipped darts, explosives, fireworks, and pyrotechnic devices.

Certain items that are not traditionally considered weapons such as, but not limited to, baseball bats, box-cutters, kitchen knives, pocket knives (with blades of three inches or less), or scissors are not subject to this policy unless used to threaten or inflict harm another person.  Under these circumstances the object may be confiscated by Campus Security and the user of the item is subject to disciplinary action, in addition to criminal prosecution.

The purpose of this policy is not to prohibit individuals or student organizations from possessing, storing, or using weapons at approved locations for educational purposes, sanctioned sporting activities, research, or other actions supporting the operations of the College that are authorized by the President and/or the Executive Committee.  These instances could include, but are not limited to, the firearms and archery equipment used for off-campus hunting or by a sporting team, the use of original and replica weapons in culture or history courses, or the firearms being repaired or constructed in a gunsmith course.

Weapons brought onto SWC property must be pre-authorized and immediately registered with Campus Security.  When not being utilized in sanctioned course activities, practices, or events, all weapons and ammunition must be securely stored in officially designated locations or immediately removed from College property.

Any person carrying a concealed weapon must have a valid permit and written authorization by the President and/or the Executive Committee of the Sisseton Wahpeton College, which include participation and training with the Sentinel or other similar program.  This authorization must be renewed annually.

xempt from this Policy are sworn law enforcement officers or military personnel in the performance of their official duties.

Students, employees, and visitors found in violation of this policy are subject to disciplinary actions and possible criminal prosecution.  Any serious violations of this policy will be referred to the cognizant law enforcement agency and will trigger an immediate Administrative Action

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