Degree: Associate of Science
Credit Hours Required: 66
The Associate of Arts Degree in Early Childhood Development is designed to acquaint students with methods of instruction used in early childhood education. Students will be provided an opportunity to gain practical experience in actual classroom settings. Upon completion of the program students may transfer to a four year college to pursue study for a Bachelor’s Degree.

Program Outcomes:

A. Students will learn the methods of instruction used in early childhood programs.
B. Students will gain practice using those methods of instruction in early childhood settings.
C. Students will demonstrate knowledge of the special needs of children with developmental disabilities, and how to implement programs that include these children in an early childhood classroom.
D. Students will demonstrate the ability to partner with the parents and families of the children with whom they work.
E. Students will generate curriculum for young children based on an understanding of cognitive language,
Required Professional Courses 25
EC 160 Early Childhood Curriculum and Instruction I 3
EC 170 Early Childhood Curriculum and Instruction II 4
EC 212 Family Relationships and Parent Education 3
EC 220 Working with Children & Families at Risk 3
EC 230 Health, Safety and Nutrition 3
EC 240 Early Childhood Field Experience 6
EC 250 Administering an Early Childhood Program 3

General Education Requirements 41
Please refer back to pages 32-33 of the catalog for a full description of each of these General Education requirements.
English/Communications 6
Math/Science 7
Humanities 3
Social Sciences (One must be PSY 130) 6
Dakota Studies 6
Computer Science 3
General Education 4
General Education Course (One must be EC 140) 6

Students that come into the program prepared to take 100 level classes, can complete the program in two years (4 semesters) and one summer if taking 15 credits each semester. If a student takes 12 credits, minimum for full-time, the program can be completed in 2.5 years (5 semesters) and one summer.
Early Childhood Instructor: Brenda Butler
Cost to complete the program within normal time (15 credits per semester):
(Based on five semesters)

Tuition $ 8,250
Registration Fee 250
Lab Fee $50 (per lab class) 150
Library Usage/Email Account Fee 150
Building Usage Fee 125
Technical Fee 450
Books and Supplies (estimate) 3,000
Graduation Fee 40
Activity Fee 150
Total $12,565*

* SWC does not participate in any type of loan program.

No special laboratory/equipment is provided nor needed for this program. There are many classrooms and several student areas equipped with computers for students to use.

Due to the program size SWC does not publish graduation rates in order to protect the privacy of the students.

34 CFR 668.6(b) The name and U.S. Department of Labor’s Standard Occupational Classification code of the occupations that the program prepares the student to enter along with links to occupational profiles on the U.S. Department of Labor’s O*NET web site or its successor site.
25-2011 Preschool Teachers, Except Special Education
Instruct preschool-aged children in activities designed to promote social, physical, and intellectual growth needed for primary school in preschool, day care center, or other child development facility. Substitute teachers are included in "Teachers and Instructors, All Other" (25-3099). May be required to hold State certification. Excludes "Childcare Workers" (39-9011) and "Special Education Teachers" (25-2050).
Illustrative examples: Pre-Kindergarten Teacher, Nursery School Teacher, Head Start Teacher

Broad Occupation: 25-2010 Preschool and Kindergarten Teachers 
Minor Group: 25-2000 Preschool, Primary, Secondary, and Special Education School Teachers 
Major Group: 25-0000 Education, Training, and Library Occupations 

O*NET link for Early Childhood https://www.onetonline.org/link/summary/25-2011.00

Transfer Information – 34 CFR 668.43

Accreditation, Approval, or Licensure ( 34 CFR 668.41(a) –(d); 34 CFR 668.43 )

Names of associations, agencies, or governmental bodies that accredit,approve, or license the school and its programs.
Procedures for obtaining or reviewing documents describing accreditation, approval, or licensing. 

Academic and Financial Aid Appeal 2017 34 CFR 668.41 (a)-(d), 34 CFR 668.42, 34 CFR 668.43

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99)

Retention Rates 34 CFR 668.41 and Graduation Rates

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