Degree: Associate of Arts
Credit Hours Required: 62
The Dakota Studies Program is designed to prepare students for entrance into the local workforce or to transfer to a four-year institution. In this program, students acquire an interdisciplinary understanding of the culture, language, history, arts, and contemporary situations of Dakota people.

Program Outcomes:
A. Identify the oral traditions as a means of history preservation.
B. Distinguish the reasoning/importance of spiritually.
C. Identify the different approaches to spirituality and respect the differences.
D. Practice the value system of communications.
E. Demonstrate the Dakota values for the circle of life.
F. Communicate the Dakota values for all living things.
G. Converse in the Dakota language.

Required Professional Courses 12
DKT 130 Dakota History 3
DKT 140 Dakota Culture* 3
DKT 160 Dakota Oral Traditions 3
DKT 250 Introduction to Tribal Government 3
Dakota Studies Electives: 9
Students are required to select three Dakota Studies Electives
(Students may not select a course used for any other requirement)
General Education Requirements 41
Please refer back to pages 28-29 of the catalog for a full description of each of these General Education requirements.
English/Communications 6
Math/Science - One Math course & One Science course 7
Humanities 3
Social Sciences 6
Dakota Studies 6
Computer Science 3
General Education 4
General Education Electives 6

Students that come into the program prepared to take 100 level classes, can complete the program in two years (4 semesters) and one summer if taking 13-16 credits each semester.

Dakota Instructors: Erin Griffin, Eric Dumarce, Darren Renville
Cost to complete the program within normal time (13-16 credits per semester):
(Based on five semesters)

Tuition $ 7,750
Registration Fee 250
Lab Fee $50 (per lab class) 150
Library Usage/Email Account Fee 150
Building Usage Fee 125
Technical Fee 450
Books and Supplies (estimate) 3,000
Graduation Fee 40
Activity Fee 150
Total $12,065*

* SWC does not participate in any type of loan program.
No special laboratory/equipment is provided nor needed for this program. There are many classrooms and several student areas equipped with computers for students to use.
Due to the program size SWC does not publish graduation rates in order to protect the privacy of the students.


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