New and Transfer Students

1. Complete a SWC Application for Admission and return it to the SWC Office of Admissions.
2. Request all high schools, GED testing center, and colleges previously attended to forward official academic transcripts directly to the SWC Office of Admissions. All fees for transcripts are to be paid by the student.
NOTE: Transcripts received become part of each student’s permanent file of the College and cannot be released, returned or forwarded to another institution.
3. Submit certification of Tribal membership, or Tribal ID, if a member of a recognized Tribe.
4. Upon receipt of all required forms and documents as described above, an official letter of acceptance will be released to the prospective student.
5. Confer with the SWC Financial Aid Director for information on financial aid requirements.

Financial Aid

When planning to attend college it is likely you have thought about the costs involved. Financial Aid is the process of putting you together with the funds you need to pay the costs of college. These costs include more than just the tuition. You also need to pay for books, supplies, travel to and from school as well as living expense.
The money for school comes from you, your family and from grants, scholarships, loans and part-time employment. When you apply for financial aid using the federal government's Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), you are actually applying to several different aid programs.
Financial aid at SWC includes scholarships, grants, and Title IV programs such as PELL, Federal Supplemental Opportunity Grant (SEOG), and Federal College Work Study Program. It does not include the Federal Stafford Loan Program as SWC chooses not to participate in the loan program.