Programs of study at SWC are designed to provide opportunities for students to develop skills, competencies, and experience in chosen areas. Students can complete programs of study preparing them to transfer to a
four-year instruction or to seek immediate employment. SWC also welcomes those seeking personal enrichment or new or updated job skills.

The Associate of Arts (AA) Degrees are designed to prepare a student for earning his or her bachelor’s degree. This degree may lead to jobs in a number of career fields. It does not limit a person to one career.

The Associate of Science (AS) Degrees are designed for students intending to pursue further education. The A.S. degree can lead to more specific occupations. 

AA and AS: All students wishing to transfer should work closely with their academic advisor at SWC and the intended transfer schools in the planning of their course of study while at SWC. The academic curriculums differ and can adversely impact a student’s ability to transfer credits unless a student plans properly. All candidates for an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree must successfully complete a minimum of 62 semester hours depending on their particular degree.

The Associate of Applied Science Degrees are intense programs of study designed to prepare students for employment after graduation. 

Although the AAS degree is designed primarily for employment preparation, many of the courses in these degree programs can transfer to four-year colleges or universities. 

The Certificate Programs are designed to provide opportunities to develop skills in areas that would lead to employment. All credits earned in the certificate program can be applied towards the Associate of Applied Science Degree. Students should consult with an academic advisor to determine eligibility for continuation in an associate program.