Degree:  Certificate

Credit Hours Required:  31 

The Farrier Science & Horsemanship Program offers courses that provide students with realistic skills in equine anatomy, trimming and shoeing horses, horsemanship, and safety. These courses are taught in both classroom and lab settings in order to help prepare the student for employment in this field.

Program Outcomes:

  1. Properly trim a horse in 15 minutes
  2. Properly shoe a horse in one hour
  3. Identify and name all the components of the foot and leg of a horse
  4. Identify lameness issues and explain the administering of the proper treatment
  5. Describe, discuss, and defend options for proper hoof care of a horse
  6. Show how best to work with each horse as an individual by understanding how a horse’s mind works
  7. Demonstrate handling horses in a safe and purposeful manner
  8. Demonstrate proficiency at the forge
  9. Identify a genetic characteristic and explain how it came to be


Required Technical Courses                                                                        18


            FS 101    Equine Anatomy and Physiology                                        3

            FS 102    Equine Hoof Trimming, Shoeing, and Horsemanship Lab 3

            FS 103    Principles of Equine Genetics                                             3

            FS 104    Introduction to Forging (includes a lab)                             3                           

            FS 105   Therapeutic and Corrective Shoeing                                    3                                 

            FS 106   Advanced Equine Hoof Trimming, Shoeing, and

   Horsemanship Lab                                                               3           


General Education Requirements                                                               13


            MATH 102 Construction Trades Mathematics                                  3

            DKT  Dakota Studies                                                                         3

            BUS 120    Introduction to Business                                                  3

            BUS Management class (BUS 242 or 250)                                        3

            GEN 270   Capstone Course                                                                                  1


The student can complete the program in one year (2 semesters) if taking 15(16) credits each semester.

Farrier Instructor:  Brad Stolsmark


Cost to complete the program within normal time (15-16 credits per semester):

 (Based on two semesters)


Tuition                                                             $ 3,875

Registration Fee                                                    100

Lab Fee $50 (per lab class)                                   150

Library Usage/Email Account Fee                          60

Building Usage Fee                                                50

Technical Fee                                                        180

Books and Supplies (estimate)                           2,000

Graduation Fee                                                       40

Activity Fee                                                            60

Total    $6,515

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