TRiO - Student Support Services Office hours 8:00 am-4:30 pm
Dear SWC Student,
The Student Support Services staff is available to assist you with your transition to life in college, while balancing work and your family life. College can be stressful and overwhelming and we are here to guide you along the way and provide you with the tools you need to become a college graduate!
Student Support Services staff is available for personal counseling, financial aid counseling, and academic counseling and advising. Students may schedule appointments or “drop in” the Student Services offices to meet with a counselor or advisor to discuss any concerns they may have. All information discussed is kept confidential.
New Student Orientation
Orientation for new, transfer, and former students will be held in conjunction with student registration at the beginning of fall and spring semesters. All new, transfer, and former students are required to attend.
New student orientation features:
Welcome by President and Vice President.
Financial Aid, Registrar, Student Billing, and IT staff members explain their policies and procedures.
IT sets up student email accounts and E-learning system.
Campus tour provided.
Services provided:
Academic advising
Personal counseling
Financial Aid counseling
Transfer (4 year University) advising
Learning lab
Cultural Activities/Events

SWC General Education Statement

 General Education at Sisseton Wahpeton College reflects a belief that for success, students must be exposed to principles, concepts, and methodologies from multiple disciplines. General Education is designed to create opportunities for students to build a foundation of knowledge and develop skills necessary for life-long learning. Students’ life-quality is enhanced when they are encouraged to understand and value the world, and contribute to global well-being.

General Education at Sisseton Wahpeton College provides students with opportunities to:
• Integrate Dakota culture and values into personal and professional activities.
• Use effective written and verbal communication skills.
• Utilize technology for research and communication.
• Apply mathematical and critical thinking skills to solve real-world problems.

SWC faculty are dedicated to supporting the mission of the College and promoting the skills and attitudes that every graduate should possess, thereby enriching the quality of life of our students, and contributing to economic development through the provision of human capital and other resources.
Each program of study at Sisseton Wahpeton College is responsible for determining the appropriate platform for delivery of general education outcomes and establishing assessment measures and improvement plans to benefit student learning in their discipline. The Curriculum Committee evaluates the quality and validity of these programs as related to student learning.

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