2019 NIAC Men's Basketball
Conference and Tournament Champions 
Great Job!!!!!!!!!!!

Coach Tom DeJoseph and  Mustang player Malik Noorfleet
Coach Tom DeJoseph was selected as the 2019 NIAC Basketball Conference Coach of the Year.

Mustang player Malik Noorfleet was selected as the 2019 NIAC Basketball Conference Player of the Year.
2019 Slam Dunk Competition Champion Brentyn McKinney and Second Place Anthony Douglas!
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Sisseton Wahpeton College 2018 - 2019 Course Catalog

Review this edition of the SWC catalog. Here you can
find program and course descriptions as well as other important information regarding
what SWC offers and how it best fits into your further education.

SWC Course Catalog

34 CFR  668.41(a)-(d);  34 CFR 668.43

Sisseton Wahpeton College Net Price Calculator


 Please remember this is a calculator it will give you an estimation of your need-based financial aid eligibility based on self-reported information.



SWC Net Price Calculator



2019 SWC Bridge Program 
June, 3 rd  thru  August, 2 nd 

Are you a junior, or senior in high school that may be graduating this May? Sisseton Wahpeton College, would like to invite you to be a part of the Summer Bridge Program. You may ask, “what is the Summer Bridge Program?” The Summer Bridge Program is and was created to help ease the transition for students from high school to college academic life. It also gives you the “student” an opportunity to get a jump start at earning college credit! You may ask, “What is the catch?” There is no catch, because classes will start at the low price of just $40 a credit. Now that is great news. You will also get one step closer towards your future by signing up today.
So don’t let this great opportunity slip through your fingers. Apply today and start your journey towards a brighter future! A Free application can be found on our website.  Please Send completed Appication to Beatrice Biddell in the admissions office . If student has no high school diploma or General Education (GED) certificate, students must take the ACCUPLACER test in order to qualify for the ability to benefit standards set by the Department of Education. Students must schedule an appointment to take the ACCUPLACER test with the Learning Lab Supervisor Jane Johnson. Jane Johnson can be reached at 605-698-3966 ext.1134 0r email:

 Deadline for applications is May 27th
Registration will be May 29th




Hurry, space is limited and spots are filling fast!!!!!!!



 SWC Building Trades
We are building a House!

 The Sisseton Wahpeton College Building Trades Program has started construction on a three-bedroom house as part of their 2018 – 2019 curriculum. This project is in conjunction with the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate Housing Authority (SWHA). The SWHA provides all building materials and will be constructed to SWHA specifications and standards. This joint venture will provide SWC building trades students invaluable hands-on start-to-finish carpentry, plumbing and electrical experience. The house is being constructed in the SWC Vocational Ed building and upon completion will be moved to the permanent residential site.  

SWC Carpentry Instructor Jason Hannasch supervises the project; Jason is an experienced certified carpenter. In just a few short weeks Jason and his students have made great progress on this house, this venture provides further proof that the SWC building Trades program is second to none.




SWC Graduate

Sisseton Wahpeton College Graduate, Derris Funmaker 

The Polaris Project

The 2018 Polaris project participants are a diverse group of minds unified on the tundra of Alaska to investigate questions of climate change. The camp’s well-oiled machine is driven by new hypotheses and intense data collection. The researchers go to great lengths in the name of science, disregarding the discomfort of the elements, to gather samples and extract data from the environment. The climate isn’t always trying; some days the sunlight illuminates the beautiful landscape. The various shades of blue, green, brown, and white blend together stretching across the horizon, surrounding you as far as the eye can see. When the breeze picks up, it can be enough to keep the mosquitos at bay, but at any lull, the relentless festering swarm of hungry winged pests envelop you and test the limits of a bug jacket. Nevertheless, the bipedal company keeps alive the aspiration of scientific discovery. The goal is not to outdo one another, but to correlate and contribute to the bank of knowledge. For us the changes in the tundra are limited to the fickle weather’s passing moisture, though the accounts and stories from the local villages would indicate significant longer-term changes in the climate and the effects on their subsistence living.

Polaris Project student Derris Funmaker, Sisseton Wahpeton College


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Sisseton Wahpeton College Shuttle Hours:
Effective 09/24/2018

Monday – Thursday

7:00am – 10:00am
5:30pm – 8:30pm 


7:00am – 10am
3:00pm – 6:00pm

ALL rides will need to be called in to shuttle driver and will be handled on a first come first serve basis! 


If you need a ride to or from Sisseton, please see me for a token. Only one round trip (2 tokens) a day per student!
If you have any questions in regards to shuttle change contac:
Alisa at 605-742-3966 ext. 1124 or Russ at 605-881-5984.  



Download this Sisseton Wahpeton College information guide packet to help familiarize you with the School, Community, Region and what you need to know to get started. 

Click Here For Your SWC Information Packet

Inquire about scheduling a visit, or a group tour.


Physical Address: BIA Rd 700, Agency Village, SD 57262
Mailing Address: Agency Village Box 689, Sisseton SD 57262
Main Telephone: (605) 698.3966
Fax: (605) 698.3132



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